Sunday, December 30, 2012

Reflections on 2013 and Travel Photos

Travels of 2013

It's that weird clunky block of days between Christmas and New Years. Mostly good for sorting pictures and organizing.  I took two major trips last year: New Orleans and Mexico.  Think I'll post some up for you while we wait for 2013. So pour a hot beverage and settle in.  :) 

New Orleans

Establishment of the legendary French Creole Pirate Jean Lafitte

Lacey Ironwork and Hanging Greenery

Iconic Jackson Square Blooming with Roses

Haunted Restaurant Adjacent to the Square

Typical Formal New Orleans City Garden



Resort Pool in the Evening

Palm Trees



Wall of Flowers

Valladolid Square


Hard Rock Cancun


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Portland Christmas

Christmas Greetings!


Hello again! It's been a while......I know..... I've been diligently chipping away at several new projects. Some for money. Some for pleasure. And as I sit here in my bright living room next to my sweet and fragrant Christmas tree, it's time to reconnect. The year's end is a traditional time to cast a grateful glance back over the previous 365 days before joyfully greeting the new year with fresh goals and a reborn anticipation of incredible things to come. 

I've been a Scrooge with my time. Here's why:  

1. 9-5 - Still love it. Training new people. I was also assigned to an extremely important client. Gives me excited butterflies in my tummy every time. :)
2. Entrepreneur - Software development (HUGE learning curve here. Basically takes 2hrs per day. Every day. Getting in a rhythm is waaaay harder then it sounds.)
3. Modeling/Acting - This is a seriously involved process. Replying and posting and repeating. Definitely a pastime with the slim glimmer of hope that something may come of it. If not, I still love to dress up. <3
4. Custom Conferences - With one of my best videographers/directors, I'm launching a new service over Skype involving hypnosis. Intrigued? ;) You should be. Nothing dirty....all fantasy. 
5. Fitness - I know this is a lifestyle, but it really needs it's own line item since it is a time-sucker. Acupuncture, reflexology, and chiropractic services have changed my LIFE! Massage too. 

Winter Love

Can't help it. Have to share my current chimera. 

Just yes....

This is now my iPhone background. 


Now that I've got that out of my system (for now!), let me show you how I celebrated. Kept it simple. No time or space for immediate family drama or craziness. So glad I took a little extra time to make my little nest warm and cozy. What do you think? I'll keep this short and just post up the pics. Wish you all a lovely Holiday and hope to see more of you in 2013! 

Above my piano.

Simple fir tree. Love the skinny top!

Little Grinch

Christmas Eve Dinner

Pioneer Square lit for Christmas