Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to Feel Like a Fox in Under 5 Minutes

Supermodel hair. Million dollar smile. Radiant skin. Effortless confidence. Queen of cool.

Feeling fantastic is the BEST!!!

That constant state of chilled, sexy appeal, and animal magnetism is as heady as it is elusive. At least for me. Only about 5-7 days out of every month, do I feel like God's gift to man - a living, breathing, white buffalo.


Spoiler alert!......We can.

This week, I want to share a SEDUCTIVE and ego-altering trick I've just learned to instantly go from feeling schleppy and crummy to outrageously hot, sexy, and awesome.

This uncanny technique is often referred to as 'anchoring.' I think of it as a "dynamo trigger" because it is a repeatable activity that let's you tap into your powerhouse.

Now let's get you feeling like a fox in under five minutes!

Dynamo Trigger Technique

 First off - I'm writing this on the assumption that you have at some point (hopefully frequently!) enjoyed that holistic sense of feeling in tune, in touch, and in sync with yourself.

1. First, think back to the things you were doing surrounding that great feeling. For me it's things like going for a morning run, affirming self-talk, using a high-end skin care product as part of my daily luxury routine, or just filling my lungs with pure oxygen and relaxing my throat and neck. Outside circumstances have an impact too - did I just get a wonderful email from my boss praising me for satisfying a surprising customer request? Did a hot guy just smile at me? Did a funny SNL skit just make me chuckle? Did my lover just kiss my neck? The key here is to identify what your personal dynamo triggers!

2. Now that you've identified the usual times when you are experiencing this wild, carnal, fierce, beautiful feeling, its time to create a personal "dynamo trigger." I love this part. Examples of a dynamo trigger are singing a line from your favorite song, tapping your foot five times, jumping as high as you can - ANYTHING physical that you can do easily. Just pick something. Mine is rubbing the base of my neck below my hairline.

3. Finally, persistently perform this specific action every time you feel crazy great. In about 3-10 days, this newl quirk will have become connected to your being.

4. The Result - NOW, you can start using this personal dynamo trigger every time you feel dumpy!  Because the good feeling is associated on a deep level with this physical action, you have the POWER to recall your best emotions WHENEVER YOU WANT.

The results of this practice blew me away. Wholly MACKEREL!!! In seconds of whipping out my dynamo trigger, my whole mind, body, and being transforms into a Victoria's Secret model strutting the runway!!! After only a few days, I was able to consistently draw on my dynamo trigger to recreate superhuman, foxiness even in the middle of a crappy, crappy day.  This basically is Pavlov's dogs principle applied to yourself. :) Did someone say....ingenious???!!!

I want you to rock the HOUSE! Give it a try even if you think this is phooey.:);):);)

Comment below with a description of your dynamo trigger!

Go forth and be foxy!:)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Power of 30 Minutes

Productivity Hack

Setting a timer for 30 minutes has become one of my super-secret strengths. Sounds simple enough, but it's changed my work day from a reactionary snarl of endless to-do's into a series of powerful and focused chunks of time with a purpose. A start and stop. A way to measure success or failure. Interested?

Here's the scoop:

Determine what task you hope to accomplish - type a sale's email, finish a recipe, research a vacation home, whatever - this can be something you've been avoiding or just something that required intent attention that you simply haven't been able to wrap up. Sit yourself down and start your timer. You now cannot go anywhere or do anything other than your task at hand until that timer rings.

This is what I found once I started my timer:

- This works as insurance that no rabbit trail I accidentally embark on, will take over my entire day because my alarm reminds me what I'm supposed to be doing.

- It also tricks my mind into not getting overwhelmed with an entire day of activities because I "only have to focus for another 30min." Keeps things potent, focused, and powerful.

- This keeps me fresher for longer by reminding me to stretch, get water, give my eyes a break, etc...since I have a tendency to run myself into the dirt when working on a project.

- This rewards me with a feeling of accomplishment and pride when I'm able to totally get "in the zone" and I forget that I even set and alarm until it goes off.

- This forces me to think in chunks of time and attempt to break projects into bytes that require progress and decision immediately.

Originally, I was persuaded to try this 30min timer system after listening to an audio recording by Eugene Schwartz - old school, badass copywriter who deserves a blog dedicated solely to his life and techniques.

Comment below and I will send you the file if you want to learn more! Your next 30min could create something AMAZING!!!! Don't underestimate the power of your timer.