Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall + 50 Shades of Grey


*****Happy October!!!****

     There is nothing better then a long, dry Indian Summer. Large opalescent moon. Vibrant blue sky. Hair tousled by autumn gusts. Sun warm and gentle. Remember Winnie the Pooh's 'blustery day'? I'm pretty that day fell in October. The only real complaint I have with fall is the filmy layer of ashy dust blanketing my pickup......and the early darkness that is creeping up around 6:30. Time to nest!!!

     I'm feeling homey. And I've sprung into action! For example, today I've cleaned out my kitchen, bedroom, and living room  The kind of cleaning that leaves you sneezing and your hands tight from skin revolting against fierce cleaners, hot water, and constant use.  Cleaning was followed by a Fred Meyer run for some fooooooood! Homemade apple pie ensued. Then a tired girl soaked in a detox bath with a cup of  dandelion tea and 50 Shades. Now it's snuggle time on the couch with my calico kitten Wiley, an earth-toned afgan, and Citizen Kane (this weeks black and white movie selection). So you see, I'm getting ready to hibernate for the winter. :):):) Anyone else feelin' it??


     50 Shades of Gray is enjoying a HUGE surge of popularity here in Portland and across the rest of the country. Although I have some significant complaints about the plot and the writing style, I'm dutifully reading it through prior to the release of the movie...which should be incredibly steamy, right? I guess fantasy is all about what YOU want it to be. On that suggestive thought, I'd like to simply post a few sultry, provocative photos. I hope you love the lavish, passionate art as much as I do. 

If you are grooving with me on these, here are more on my pintrest board. 

This one is sweet and romantic.

This one is raw fantasy. 

Any thoughts? Sleep on it and let me know!