Monday, September 24, 2012

A Weekend in Seattle

     There's something about weekends out-of-town that are SOO energizing....and soothing. I think it's the freedom. Free to breathe in a city of strangers. I love my family and friends, but the boost of individuality that comes when you pack a bag and get out of town, is euphoric!!! 


     Besides taking a breather from life in the Portland suburbs, I got to do one of my favorite things in life....any guesses??? Shopping!!!!!! I know. Original. Hang with me. ;)

 Here is a link to my favorite find of the weekend: Lacy Metallic Headbands. A sweet, little, classic, lacy band. I had a TOUGH time figuring out which to buy, but my patient boyfriend took some shots of me in my top picks to help me narrow it down.

    Fun, no?  I found these at Fireworks and honestly, about 75% of the merchandise in this store could easily be shared with you.....just go check it out. :) Even their motto rocks - "celebrating art in life".


     Because I'm also an outdoorsy-freak, I always pick the patio at any restaurant I visit unless there is gale-force winds or tornado warnings or drive-by shootings. Seriously, summer lasts twenty minutes in PDX so take advantage.....and sit on the freaking patio!! ;)

     The restaurant Clay and I happened to pick was called Joey. Pretty swanky and chilled out. Clean, bright colors and bold graphics. Very "loungy." :) Check out the dynamite color scheme against my purse. 




Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Blog - A Portland Girl's Collection of Treasured Findings

Welcome, Friends!

     This blog has been fluttering around in the back of my mind like a lost butterfly for some time.

     I often find myself staring at the stars or enjoying the perfect espresso by myself. Half of the fun of living is sharing your life with others. Will you be my personal friend and confidante? Let's make this blog our weekly trysting place to share our treasured findings.

     As a lady of 24, I have some very definite preferences and opinions on what I find pleasing, but I'm DYING to hear what all of you think. Be as expressive and passionate as you wish....because I will do the same.

     Finally, I am pleased to invite to join me for a celebration of everything true and beautiful. Shall we begin? :)