Monday, September 24, 2012

A Weekend in Seattle

     There's something about weekends out-of-town that are SOO energizing....and soothing. I think it's the freedom. Free to breathe in a city of strangers. I love my family and friends, but the boost of individuality that comes when you pack a bag and get out of town, is euphoric!!! 


     Besides taking a breather from life in the Portland suburbs, I got to do one of my favorite things in life....any guesses??? Shopping!!!!!! I know. Original. Hang with me. ;)

 Here is a link to my favorite find of the weekend: Lacy Metallic Headbands. A sweet, little, classic, lacy band. I had a TOUGH time figuring out which to buy, but my patient boyfriend took some shots of me in my top picks to help me narrow it down.

    Fun, no?  I found these at Fireworks and honestly, about 75% of the merchandise in this store could easily be shared with you.....just go check it out. :) Even their motto rocks - "celebrating art in life".


     Because I'm also an outdoorsy-freak, I always pick the patio at any restaurant I visit unless there is gale-force winds or tornado warnings or drive-by shootings. Seriously, summer lasts twenty minutes in PDX so take advantage.....and sit on the freaking patio!! ;)

     The restaurant Clay and I happened to pick was called Joey. Pretty swanky and chilled out. Clean, bright colors and bold graphics. Very "loungy." :) Check out the dynamite color scheme against my purse. 




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