Monday, March 11, 2013

Seth Godin's Version of Art and Some Yoga

Challenge Me

I'm reading. Alot. And I'm counting listening to audiobooks on my way to and from work as "reading." You would be proud of me: I've picked a tough topic. The book is called "The Icarus Deception" by Seth Godin. When I find two seconds, I must must MUST look up this dude's background to find out the following:

1. What kind of childhood produced him?
2. How did he become such a badass?
3. Why the heck does he get off on challenging the HECK out of me????????? :)

Wanna know the topic that has me so fired up?


Seth is teaching me about the new "connection" economy. The one that measures connections with people. Sharing. Including. Creating. Taking risks. Breaking rules. Making ART. Not touchy-feely finger paint B.S......but uncomfortable, challenging, "gee, will everyone laugh at me after this" kind of art.

 If your're confused about the use of the word "art" here, so was I. Seth means connection, between you and your audience/customers/client. By making "art" he's referring to the service you offer, the time you spend, and the connections you make. This concept of going out on a limb to appeal to a niche is freaking scary. But Seth insists it's the only way to be "safe" in the future. The old way of Industrialism - build a cheap product and continue to reduce the overhead year after year - is dying, along with many 9-5 jobs. 

I'm being challenged to say what I need to say. Build what I need to build. Take a deep breath and reach out to another human being to forge a new connection. Risk rejection. Pick myself up. Make more Art. If it fails, make better art.

This stuff is aweful. It makes me all sweaty and uncomfortable. I'd rather take orders then be different and expose myself to ostracism. I don't LIKE to raise my hand and propose a new idea. I'd rather someone ELSE took the blame. 

I want to change.

Basically, Seth is my trainer - inspiring me to BE different and risky, not for the sake of ego or adrenaline thrills, but for the sake of giving and impacting the environment of those around me in a new and generous way. As only I can. That is the soul of my new business mindset!

The Icarus Deception. Here it is. Read it if you dare! :)

Oh! And I'd like to point out that the word "god" is in Seth's last know....that's gotta mean something! Lol!

Let it Go!

After defying my comfort zone and making scary art, I find my shoulders tight and hunched. My neck sore, my wrists cramping, and my breathing shallow. My mood pissy.

"Deep Stretching" by Yoga with a View is my new evening (or morning) ritual. Just try it! You'll find muscle tension in places you didn't know could be accessed! My girlfriend tried it too and freaked out on it. :) You'll LOVE it. Limbs all supple and flexible. Oxygen and bloodflow revived. Brain cleared. Aah!

At the end of the practice  I'm trying to take a moment and set a goal or purpose to my day or evening. But always, I use it to affirm myself and to listen.....listen to any fear or anxiety or anger that may be dwelling inside and adding to the ugly snarl of tension. Once I let the bad air out I say something like "I am a strong and confident lady whose energy expands to fill the room." Sort of self-fulfills itself.....

What do YOU like to end your yoga session thinking about?

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  1. Ending a yoga session I think about how peaceful and relaxed I feel--resilient from the stresses of the world--completely ready for the next day.