Saturday, July 27, 2013

Handmade Sandals

Release the Ideas!

Ever think of an AMAZING idea? A fantastic one? It's creative, artful, unique, innovative, and fresh? Did you take it anywhere? What did you do to quickly bring your thought to the world to share your value? Or did you let your darling idea languish away in the back of your head soothed to sleep with slippery thoughts like: 

     It will never work...
     It's too much effort and I'm strapped as it is.....
     Everyone will laugh in my face.....
     If it was a good idea, someone would have already done something about it before now....

I did. 

But now I'm in outright revolt against my own sense of self-preservation and drive to safeguard my tender ego!!!

I'm releasing my idea!
Wanna see? :)

The Need

Here's the scoop: I want classy, organic sandals that incorporate the beauty and fire of our planet while accentuating the natural loveliness and strength of the women whose feet they grace. I can't find any....

Sure, there's the all natural, organic shoes formed with eco conscious awesomeness....but they look too "recycled"...too "tired"... and I'm on a quest for a classy, elegant, crisper form of "green" sandals. 

Then there's the rhinestone-bedazzled flip-flops and other gaudy nonsense...but nothing that embraces the "treasures of the earth" in an upscale, tailored fashion that compliments the tom boy and the business executive alike. 

The Elements

Concept actualization in process...




So here I sit bleeding my concept out onto paper. I can see it perfectly in my mind's eye and soon you will too! The goal is to have some beautifully rendered images to show you in several days. In the mean time, post a comment and share what one idea YOU'RE going to finally take action on and start sharing your beautiful mind with our community! (PS - it will feel invigorating! Trust me! )

Dahlias - finally available from a farmers' market near YOU! :)


  1. I think this is an absolutely fabulous idea... one that surely is as eye catching and will be as popular today as in any era... anachronistic sandals? out of place and time? no maybe timeless. I have the beads,stones,copper and shells you seek! come play in my studio Tara.
    great idea girlfriend, Tava Jene

  2. TAVA!!!! "Anachronistic" - that captures the flavor so perfectly. Your studio sounds heavenly. Perhaps this coming weekend? Thank you for your free-spirited support!