Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bead-Boppin' Along

Green vs. Blue

Hola, lovely friends! Happy 2014. I spent my new years on the couch watching recaps of 2013 until around 10:30 when I said "screw it" and hit the memory foam for sleep over watching the ball drop. At 25....I'm acting pretty "old"! Maybe that's 2014's resolution: act younger and stay up later. :)

Anyhow, I thought I'd wish you cheer on this January 1 and give ya the skinny on our sandals.

Originally, I wanted to include lavender and crystal beads scattered naturally across the macrame, but the light purple just PALES in comparison to the blue morpho butterfly wing centerpieces. Time to improvise since my first thought does look right when I put the embellishments together. Back to the bead store for another exchange.

What do you think of this mermaid scale green?

Green - yes or no?
While I love the vibrancy of the green with the wing, I think the color competes too much with the centerpiece. Opted instead for some purple-blue, oil-stained lookin' mix of beads.
Purple-indigo beads. 

Nice, no? I need to shoot you a quick video so you can watch the beads and the wing shimmer. With even the tiniest change in the lighting, these embellishments are POPPING. Already fantasizing about wearing a pair at a summer evening al fresco dinner. Chic, baby.
Laying out the beads before hand-stitching them onto the weave

Now that all the embellishments are finalized and looking good, it's time to stitch it up and work all the pieces together. Being the eager girl that I am, just couldn't wait to see where we are at! After getting a delicious jewel-pink manicure, I draped each element across my foot to model the final sandal look for you!

Whatta you think? Would you wear these? Comment below. Be honest now.

First glimpse of the butterfly wedge!


  1. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  2. Hey Daniella! For sure! Thanks for sharing your blog.

  3. I totally would wear that!!!! It's awesome!

  4. Hey, RENATA!!!! Would you? Sweet. I love the feedback. I've gotten requests for options without a piece between the front toes.