Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Is What Sand Grains Look Like Under the Microscope

Look at what your beautiful feet get to walk on!

When I ran across the exquisite art work of Dr Gary Greenberg, I knew you had to see them. 

Take a peek at these gorgeous images of sand. Dr Greenberg photographs bits of sand under a microscope and patches the shots together to form these breathtaking pictures of what grains of sand really look like.

Check out the rich colors and that heart-shaped grain! 

Nothing boring, bland, run-of-the-mill, simple, ugly, or predictable at all. Think back to your last stroll down the were literally treading on bits of shells, volcano dust, gem fragments, and tiny multi-colored minerals.

Grains of Global Sand

A few weeks ago, I published a post on shells, rocks, and fossils that I collect in my treasure box. THIS takes "natural treasure" to a whole new, teensy-weensy level.

A collection of Maui sand bits. 

I'm amazed. To find this much diversity in something I thought was bland and plain is a overwhelming.

Suddenly, sand isn't nearly so boring.

When it comes to beauty, seek and ye shall find!

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