Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Morning on Mt Tabor

I Just Might Make this a Habit....

As I let myself spin and spin Monday through Friday, I started craving another outdoor escape like the amazing hike I took up Powell Butte last weekend. There's something freeing about starting your Saturday outdoors in a totally different environment than I live and breathe in. No laptops, buzzy phones, or shoulder tension (Yes, for some reason I keep trying to fix problems by tightening my muscles. Never works...).

A short drive across the river brought me to Mt Tabor on 60th and Salmon. I looped up the curving driveway past a huge rectangular water reservoir and pulled eagerly into the lot. A 15min hike along steep, winding paths brought me to the top of the Mount - large trees, sweeps of lawn, and plenty of Portland dogs taking the owners for a run.

Overall, I was expecting more views of the City and the east side, but mature trees impeded the site lines. As I looped the park, I imagined carriges, parisols, and top hats, taking in the air and parading around this historic park. How cool to reflect on our PDX ancestors and realize the same trees I was enjoying today cast shadows across their vintage lives! Fresh air and exercise are still just as crucial to our well-balanced lives.

Around 10am, the park really began to fill with joggers. Definitely a running park rather than a hiking park. May have to bring the Nike's out on the next sunny day!

Stay healthy and happy, friends! Comment below and share your latest outdoor exploration.

Letting go of the weight of the world to the sound of chirping birds

Layers of Volcanic Soil Inside Portland's Volcano!

Seriously...did you know Mt Tabor is a volcano?

Original lamp posts! Loving the Art Deco style.

Facilities. Can't get much quainter.

There aren't many places that offer this west-facing view of Portland

Tight cluster of oaks.

Peak of the Mount!

Mossy steps. Don't slip!

Healthy Oregon Grape. Great low-growing, glossy green groundcover.


  1. Enjoyed this read a lot--Great pics too! There is something so mentally calming and clearing that the outdoors offer.

    1. Hello, my lady!!!! We need to do more of these together. I'm trying to pick a different location for an "adventure" every weekend or so. When the sun comes back we could go after work.

  2. Very nice photos, great places :)

    1. Hi, Dana! Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy the pictures.