Sunday, February 23, 2014

From Portland to Bend

Highlights from an Awesome Mid-Week Getaway to Bend

After working seven days straight through Snowpocalypse, I desperately needed a few days off to recover. Since I've declared 2014 the year I travel more often and enjoy small "adventures," we decided to head down to Bend mid-week for the wintery-desert scenery and perhaps some outrageous fresh powder on Mt Bachelor!

Off to Bend! It's Only 3.5 hrs from my house.

First stop was at Detroit Lake. WOW. Morning mist was rising and the lake looked so cold and forbidding. Like some isolated loch high in the Scottish hills.

We took my '89 Tacoma because it's our only 4-wheel drive vehicle. Look how thick the snow is on top of the dam!

Sick but smiling. I was so terrified of the drop! I refused to lean out and over.
Disclaimer: I did NOT take this picture. Too chicken to lean out! 
I've never seen mist like this before.
Detroit Lake was built in the 50's. 

You can barely see the tower where we drove out. It's just right of center.

Driving on past Black Butte and Sisters, I got to Bend in the late afternoon and began exploring the city. If you haven't been to Bend recently, it is simply gorgeous. Where Portland would go for a "grunge" or "vintage" feel even in a newly renovated building, Bend takes a cue from California and goes for a polished resort feeling that is both high-class and Oregon-style friendly! It's a magical combo. I see why so many folks buy second homes here.

Pine Ridge Inn - Snuggled into the Bend hillside overlooking the Deschutes River
Fireplace!!!! Mega-score.

Seriously how cozy is THIS? There were homemade cookies on the table to the right
Anyone care to jump on this with me?
So now for a quick recap on shopping. The traditional Bend "mall" is the Mill District. It's built up along the river and REI lives in one of the original buildings - how cool is that?! After visiting Whistler, I can easily see Bend as a small version of an Olympic Village. Maybe one day? 

REI uses the original "Old Mill" building
Me at The Old Mill shopping center. This mall seriously looked like a mini Olympic Village.
Here are my two favorite shops: 

Vanilla Urban Threads - Cute and comfy girl clothes. A sporty mix of bohemian chic and street-savvy modern wear. Something for everyone here and very affordable. Shoe collection is incredible.

Nashelle - Here's a real treasure! Bend-made artisan jewelry. Love the delicate metalwork and vibrant stones. Multiple photos of celebrities wearing Nashelle wear. Too many choices to select a piece in-store, so shop online!

That's all for now dear friends. Keep exploring and post up if you've got a favorite nook or cranny in Bend!

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