Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tryon Creek Saturday Morning Hike

Fresh Air 

If it's not raining right NOW, you're safe to leave the house for a hike, right?! :) It will probably stop before you arrive anyhow. I chanced it - risky girl. What am I to do without my peaceful, green, Saturday morning refresh? Apparently, I'm risky and lucky - no rain while hiking. :)

 Rain sprinkled on me as I drove across town toward Terwilliger to Tryon Creek - Oregon's only state park within the major metro area. Perfect. Although it wasn't bright and sunny like this pic from the Intertwine below, the area is gorgeous. Lots of trails with many splits and different path options. Just go chill and sniff ferns and kick logs. No major time commitment needed to enjoy the looping paths.

I'm positive that fairies frolic here.
Saw plenty of little kiddos with the parents oohing and aahing over twigs and moss. Adorable. Also crossed the creek many times on all kinds of bridges. Here's my fav - the suspension bridge! 

Sure to bring out your inner girlscout - the Terry Riley Suspension Bridge! Bouncy as all get-out.

Enjoyed the plentiful wood art. Old trees left killer silhouettes with their mangled roots. This could double as Middle Earth. Seriously.

An uprooted trees creates forest driftwood.

Tryon's gurgle is lovely. Let's go back and listen when the trilliums bloom? Don't forget a picnic basket.

Tryon Creek - see the milky-emerald-green water on the left?

Quitting - How Do You Know When It's Time?

Ever felt fragile? I do. I'm almost 26. A quarter of a century, and I'm falling out of love with myself. I feel roadblocked. Stumped. Stymied. My goals seem stalled. Motivation is is hope. Tomorrow I may feel spectacular, but this dull throb in my heart won't go away and STAY away. I may be failing myself and my spirit is disheartened.

So here's my question for you: how do you know when it's time to throw in the towel, pack a bag, and set to work reinventing yourself? I'm a tough cookie, but need some advice. What words would you share?

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