Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Spotlight on Green Walls

Gardens on the Vertical

Lately, most of the Gallery's posts have been nature-related with lots of photos of green growing things. Prepare for another one. I don't remember where I first heard of Patrick Blanc, but I simply MUST share his work with you. Get a load of these magical green walls. 

Blanc's work covers some of the most prestigious hotels, business, and private residences across Europe and Asia with his pioneering techniques. Blanc used his years of globetrotting field research on how plants cling to rocks and trees without soil and still manage to thrive. With a felt pocket system irrigated with mineraal water, his green art lives high above our heads as lush and happy as if they were growing in some steamy tropic lost jungle.

First off is the Athenaeum Hotel in London. This green tapestry runs up two sides of the hotel and contrasts crisply with the bump-out glass bays and clean white exterior. What could be more joltingly lovely in the middle of a misty city? 

Next we have Blanc's wall L'Oasis d'Aboukir in Paris. See some constructions pictures here on how this vertical garden was installed. SO much lovelier that graffiti, no? I can just feel the cool air wafting off the wall as the planting reduces the overall summer heat bouncing off the pavement. 

Pont Max Juvenal in Aix en Provence.....

On a smaller but no less breathtaking scale, Blanc's interior work has me craving my own office green wall like this Club House Vertical Garden in Hong Kong. Love the flowering species. I've seen lots of walls with sedums and carex, but Blanc's palette range is staggering. A+ in diversity.

OH, I can't forget Blanc's office. Yes, that is an aquarium under his desk with a green wall behind. Totally reminds of that childhood book "The Salamander Room" where the little boy's whole bedroom transforms into a wild forest were the walls are trees and the carpet is forest fauna. Blanc, you have a killer work space!

Now this is a better fit at my house! Found it here with a delicious scroll-worthy line up of more green walls. I hope you are as delighted with these creative ways to cohabitate with plants as I am. 


  1. This is super cool…I would love to stumble across a wall like these! :)

    xx Ali
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  2. Those were amazing. Home design is such a great idea!!!

  3. i saw one of those a while ago in london and i loved it!

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