Saturday, December 14, 2013

If You Don't Like the Channel.....CHANGE IT!

Take Happiness

How happy are you right NOW? Not earlier today, not later, but as you read these words, rate how happy you are.

If you aren't stoked, why not?

As I type this, I'm asking myself why I'm not over-the-moon all the time. That's the goal, right??? A friend asked me this week, "What do you want out of this winter season?" Without hesitation, I replied, "I want to flatline at awesome!" As humans, we all seek joy and fulfillment - if we don't we are usually dead. ;)

As I keep searching for what will make me happy all the time, I'm challenging my beliefs on what happiness is.

From the following, pick your view of what happiness is:

a.) A magical alignment of the stars that comes and goes unpredictably.
b.) The result of precise actions or circumstances that can be recreated.
c.) A phenomenal feeling when you are with the right person.
d.) Simple choice.

I would have checked "yes" to all of the above, until recently. As I take more time to stop and analyze why I am or am not happy on a given day, I'm beginning to see that happiness isn't something found in the physical world. I believe it's forged in your mind. Not to get all esoteric on you or anything.

Think about it, circumstances, people, or things, don't make us happy or unhappy - our opinion of them is what makes us delighted or pissed off.

This week, I'm committing to challenging my explanations for why I'm unhappy -

"I'm tired."
"My favorite iPod playlist has been deleted."
"Dinner tastes terrible."
"My parents are being weird."
"I will never find my romantic match."

That's such crap reasoning. I think the REAL reason why I'm unhappy is because my mind is dwelling on the things I don't like instead of blasting past those sad thoughts and replacing them with pleasant memories, goals, and gratitude for other things in my present.

Today, I own my thought patterns. I pick what thoughts I stick with and which I abandon. Don't be a victim of unhappiness. Use the incredible power of freewill and select the mental movie you want playing in your head.

Honestly, this is probably going to be hard. Really hard. To break old thought patterns that I let cycle through my head. But, a life stuck on the Sad Channel will probably suck WORSE, right?! :)

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