Monday, December 23, 2013

Butterfly Wings Surprise Me

Butterfly Wings!

These are so PERFECT! Why didn't I think of it before???? 

As I've been flitting around Portland, gathering the small beads, shells, a fiber needed to build out the sexy, jewelry-inspired sandals I've been constructing, incorporating real butterfly wings never crossed my mind as a serious option. 

Previously, I was searching for some kind of pearlescent, translucent, purple-blue-green, radiant stone or shell to use as the centerpiece to rest on the top of the foot. Nothing was really "clicking" for me, until I happened upon these BEAUTIES in Fossil Cartel in Pioneer Place. 

Get a load: they are actual Argentinian butterfly wings that the locals harvest and trade. They are set in sterling silver and mounted with protective clear fronts to prevent damage. Totally the perfect shape, size, and luster. Not to mention ridiculously distracting colors! 

Teal, yellow, green, and black wings
Ruby, orange, green, and black wings


Fiery purple and indigo blue. Periwinkle!

Yes, Yes, YES! These are perfect. Blue morpho butterfly wings.

They are called Shimmerwings for a reason.....I know these pictures don't do them justice (like at ALL!), so I'll shoot you guys a little QVC style video of me holding them so you can see the magic!

This week, I'll be wrapping macrame around the two blue morpho wings I bought and lacing them into the upper foot strap. Exciting times!

What's in Your Treasure Box?

Did you ever keep one as a kid? An old shoe box. A bottom drawer. A cool vintage lunch tin? For as long as I can remember, I've had a "treasure box" for my found, sentimental, inspiring, fascinating, beautiful, or just plain odd mementos. 

Some were given - like the NHL hockey card my dad gave me featuring Joe Sakic. Some were collected - like the small pebble I picked up from within the Colosseum on my senior trip to Italy with my grandma. Others were inherited - like an old stainedglass-colored butterfly broach from a great-grandma. (I should really post of pic of this one! And wear it more...)

There's just something about us as people - we love to gather things to us that personally matter to us. Nothing in my treasure box is there by accident. It's my own personally, curated mini-museum. That's kind of what I hope this blog to revolve around - an online gathering of meaningful things that create joy and intrigue. "A modern anthology of beauty."

So, since we are all chatty about nifty boxes to stash stuff in, I'm curious to hear what other people use? Here's one of my treasure boxes. This one is for my shells, fossils, and rocks! All very inspirational to me in design work.

Felt bottom, simple wood sides, hinged lid, and some handglued shells. :)

 Grandma gave me the shells for the top of the box as a birthday present long ago. Grandpa presented the box. As a kid, what started out as a cool craft, turned into an awesome keepsake latent with memories.

I see seaglass!

These tactile, earth treasures were also in the box, but I think they are showier on the vintage mirrored vanity tray. Look closely and you can see a sea urchin spine, a trilobite, hematite, rose quartz, a sanddollar, seahorse, a geode, coral, and many other natural treasures! 

Each piece is so perfect in color, shape, texture. 
So what do you collect in your treasure box? 

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  1. Those butterfly wings are so pretty! I need to start having a treasure box like this - my one is lacking slightly!

    Fairytale Kiss

    Jade x