Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Timberline Trip

Rockin' a Monday at Timberline

Ok - when I become independently wealthy, I will own season passes to about three or four mountains. Probably a couple chalets as well. No joke. I LOVE to snowboard. Hands down my favorite outdoor activity. What's yours?

I boarded Whistler/Blackcomb earlier this month (AWESOME). The resort is only 7 or so hours from Portland.  Monday I hit Timberline on Hood for the first time in several years! Nothing beats a gorgeous warm day with friends, a sweet 2011 Burton Lipstick, and the iconic lodge from "The Shining." 

Could have done with a few more inches of snow and a few less rocks, but NO complaints! Any day on the snow is a good day, right? :)

Someone doesn't have to go to work today!

Trying to pick my next mountain of the season - Bachelor maybe? 

Hood in the Sun!


Remember the handmade sandals I designed? I'm getting REAL with my mockups! After getting some natural hemp fiber, semi-precious beads, agonizing over a macrame pattern, and finally growing some balls, I made my first foray into macrameing the upper strap to go over the wedges! Can I get a what-WHAT?! :)

As foolish as it sounds, my mind kept creating excuses why I would never be able to recreate the sandals I see in my head. Crafting these just freaked the heck out of me. To get over this hump and take some dang action, I had to focus in on "what would I do, if I KNEW I couldn't fail?" By golly, I'd approach my sandals with fearless enthusiasm and embrace mistakes since they will only help me get to my end goal sooner!

Here's a pick of me with my stuff out and ready to rumble:

Raw materials - this is what awesome is made of!

Right now, I'm trialing different gauge/color/texture fiber. The hemp is too coarse and thick - I'm going to shoot for something softer and sleeker. This pattern isn't terrible, but it's too "chunky" and not as tight and smooth. Thankfully, I've got a 70's book full of patterns and I've already selected the next one to try!

This is about half of the top strap. The center stone will rest in the middle of the foot.

Now for the beads. Love the subtle colors....but they just don't glitter the way I imagined. Thinking of going with a.) darker colors or b.) larger beads. Most importantly of all, I'm still digging around for my centerpiece! Currently, druzy, chrysophrase, abalone, mother-of-pearl or some other purplish-blue-irridescent flat stone is on my list. Does anyone have a good source for semi-precious beads and stones? The quest is on!

Small purple and clear beads - thinking I need darker material to POP off the fiber.

Overall - this was a great first trial. I've learned a lot about what I love and hate about these shoes and am stoked to do some more handiwork this weekend! Who's with me? :)

Stay sassy and enjoy the holidays!

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  1. I'm definitely enjoying catching up on your writing. I haven't been on here in awhile- Al A